Hi, I'm Samantha Charlton

I am a degree qualified nutritionist. I love food, I love sport and I am equally passionate about both. I currently play hockey for the New Zealand Women's Black Sticks Team, and am honoured to be a two time Olympian. In 2015 I completed a Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition at Massey University.

When it comes to food and what we eat, I am a big believer in simplifying health and nutrition. Our society is constantly faced with the choice of so many new and sometimes bizarre diets, most of which are usually expensive, unnecessary and unsustainable to say the least. What's more, it leaves the vast majority of us wondering where to even start!

My philosophy on food is pretty simple. Wherever possible I like to eat whole foods - minimise processed foods by cooking and preparing food from real, whole ingredients. Balance and moderation are ALWAYS the key. Food is not just fuel, but can also have powerful effects on our body and mind, something that continually amazes me.

Spending so much of my time playing hockey means I have had a lot of experience with food and sport. Performance nutrition is something I am really passionate about and believe it can have a powerful impact on the way we experience and enjoy sport and activity. 

My aim is to provide meaningful, scientific and helpful nutritional knowledge to all those who seek it. For me, it's about sustainable, enjoyable, simple food and eating.

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