A bit about me, myself and nutrition

Welcome to Samantha Charlton Nutrition!

Me being Sam, I am the author and creator of this new platform for everything food, health and nutrition.

I have been planning to create Samantha Charlton Nutrition for awhile now and I am really excited that I can now begin to share with you my love of food and nutrition. My blog is where I plan to share everything from health tips to new recipes, but for now I thought I would give you a insight to what I am all about and why I love what I do.

Nutrition has been a growing passion of mine for a long time now. I have always been interested in creating delicious food and in recent times have learnt more about and been amazed by the powerful effects that food can have on health. So naturally, I decided to pursue this passion and studied nutrition at Massey University.

The cool thing about this field is that you never stop learning. As you probably well know, new information and studies about what we should eat are coming out all the time.While this can be super fascinating, for most of us it can also be SUPER confusing!

Our generation is constantly faced with choices. If you're someone that is trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle, everyday it seems like there is something new- another diet to follow, a new food NOT to eat, a new food you MUST eat. One day it’s Acai smoothie bowls clogging up your insta feed and the next it’s simply not grammable if it doesn’t contain some other wonder food founded by a remote tribe deep in the Amazonian jungle (don’t get me wrong, I also love Acai). BUT, to be honest if I was none the wiser I wouldn’t have the faintest clue where to start. And this is what it must feel like for most people. Totally. Bloody. Confusing.

Health and wellbeing simply should not be a challenge. At all. Or expensive for that matter (but this is a totally different kettle of fish I won’t get started on now)

So I suppose that brings me to me and why I want to share with you what health, wellbeing and eating means to me. I’m always up for trying new things but when it comes down to it simplicity is what I will always preach. Eating food that is real, and avoiding packaged/ processed foods as much as possible. I love to cook and create food and this is something I think is really important. I hope to simplify for you what nutrition is and show you that health and wellbeing can be accessible for everyone.

My recipes are foods that I love and eat on the regular. Like my approach to nutrition, my recipes will always be as simple as I can make them – using ingredients you hopefully may already have in your cupboard. When I read a new recipe I am instantly put off if I have to dash down to the supermarket and buy packets of stuff I’ve never heard of and most likely will never use again. So if simple and easy (and delish!) is what you are after, you have come to the right place.

I hope that you will enjoy so far what is Samantha Charlton Nutrition and what it will grow into. Aside from offering my service as a qualified nutritionist, this is a place where I hope you will all enjoy my recipes, latest ventures, information and thoughts on everything that is nutrition.


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